Friday, December 30, 2011

Rustic Beach Coffee Table

This is a coffee table that I came up with for a customer back in late/summer fall.  I really enjoy building coffee tables because there are a million different styles and shapes. This one was to be paint grade and since I hate to paint I left the painting up to the customer.  The look they wanted was a rustic/beach feel, they gave me a few pictures of tables they liked and this is what I came up with. I also go an unusual request for a “secret” cigar drawer lined with cedar, although I think it just ended up being a remote control drawer instead.

This table is made 100% from reclaimed and recycled lumber!

Friday, December 16, 2011


Hey Every one Come Join Me and my Fellow Crafters for Our Last Holiday Fair or the Year This Saturday From 11:00-4:00  on the Corner of Broadway and Seabright, 1223 Seabright Ave. , Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Please join us the weekend before Christmas for some beautiful, handmade local gifts, appetizers, wine and mingling!
We have decided to have our own Trunk Show to display and sell a variety of handmade goods- please shop local and handmade this year!!!
I will include photos below--- Participating artists will be:

-Totally Tubular Designs---Totally Tubular Design is dedicated to the preservation of our Mother Earth. We do this by taking unusable bicycle inner tubes and tires and creating something usable again! (Purses, wallets, and accessories that is).

-Fly Love Jewelry----Beautifully handcrafted, unique feather and suede earrings and necklaces.

-Kittybeast----Unique, one of a kind designs handsewn onto hoodies, kids clothes, reusable bags, aprons, etc.

-Cueros Mapu---Gorgeous, stylish handmade leather belts, bracelets, purses and more!