Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Custom Knife Scales (Handle Grips)

I always love when people come up with interesting custom projects. They always take more time than I expect and I usually don’t make money on them, but I enjoy the creative challenge.
I was recently asked to make some custom knife scales (Handle cover for a knife) I really enjoyed this project and really like the way it came out. The wood i used for the handles has been the gift that keeps on giving. My friend brought a pile of rough lumber over and asked if I could help him make a tabletop out of it. I said sure I can help which turned into me doing most of the work and him doing A lot of sanding. Once we surfaced some of the wood we found some beautiful grains and colors. All he the guy he bought it from only said it was from Brazil, so I refer to it as the mystery brazilian wood. When we finished he gave me some left over pieces and i have been incorporating the leftovers into some of the cutting boards. For this project I was able to use some scraps from the cutting board to make the handles. It was nice to use every last piece of the wood.

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