Monday, November 28, 2011

Custom Handplanes

I recently finished an order for a set of two pairs of matching Handplanes. The customer was having a baptism ceremony for his two sons. He wanted a matching set to be given to a godfather and godson as a matching pair.  I thought this was a really cool gift idea and was excited to make the matching sets!
This is what I came up with!

While I was in the process of making hand planes I thought that I would make a few more. I had recently reclaimed some old redwood planks off a job and wanted to use it in my next bunch of handplanes.

The Raw Supplies:
Reclaimed Redwood

Left-over Mahogany Scraps From the Pulpit



The Process:

Laminate the Blanks and Create the Shapes

Cut out the shapes


Rough Shape
Final Shaping

Epoxy Handles In

My Favorite Piece of Grain

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