Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Makers Market Wednesdays

I will be back at the Makers Market this Wednesday. I have been very busy making new items for the market. There will be some new Skateboards, Handplanes, and new Cutting Boards including an new design that I’m really excited about.
I have been making skateboards since high school I all started with a bike rack my dad helped me make for my beach cruiser. I looked like an old school skateboard on the back of my bike.  I also wanted to make a really big skateboard that I could practice cross stepping and nose riding to help improve my longboarding. So my first skate was just that, about 4’ long and perfect for practicing my longboard moves on land. Surfing has always been a part of my skateboard making and influenced most of the different shapes I have made over the years, so my most recent designs are no different.
I have done different color patterns on my surfboards and really wanted to incorporate it into some of my skateboards. After several failed attempts I have finally figured out the proper technique and I am very happy with the results…

Each skateboard I make, I sign and date.

I always enjoy when someone request a custom piece. Often when a custom piece really comes together I will incorporate it into my quiver of cutting boards. A customer requested a very small cutting board for the use of cutting up apples and other small items. He said his kitchen was very small so he needed it to be extra small. I really like the idea of making it in the shape of an apple but I wanted to find a way to make it extra special so I designed it to have and apple core in the middle. I was really excited with the way it came out. After showing a few people already have two more on order!

This one already sold before I could get it to market.

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