Thursday, March 3, 2011

Custom Knife Block

A customer asked me to make a custom knife block as a Valentine’s Day present. She sent me a couple of links to some knife blocks that she liked, but wanted me to come up with something a little more unique...
Most knife blocks I've seen are thick, square, and not too exciting other than some nice grain patterns, but I wanted to create something different.
I had some left over materials from a sun table I had made a few years ago. Since I hate to throw away perfectly good lumber I often save the smallest of pieces because you never know when you might use them. I was able to make these pieces almost entirely out of scraps from other projects; most of those projects were from reclaimed lumber. The Main wood is Brazilian Cherry (previously hardwood flooring) the sun is Maple (leftover scrap from the cabinet shop I worked at in high school) and the ray's are Purple Heart and Yellow Heart (yes those are the natural colors of the woods).

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