Thursday, March 10, 2011

Leaf Cutting Board

This is a leaf shaped cutting block that I’ve been working on the last couple of days. I wanted to give it a little extra uniqueness so made a raised handle that conforms very comfortably to your hand. It is approximately 8” wide, 16” long including the handle, and the cutting surface is 10” long. It is made from reclaimed Brazilian Cherry, and Walnut. I sealed it with food safe oil to season the wood and bring out the Beautiful wood grains. 
This can be purchased here

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Custom Knife Block

A customer asked me to make a custom knife block as a Valentine’s Day present. She sent me a couple of links to some knife blocks that she liked, but wanted me to come up with something a little more unique...
Most knife blocks I've seen are thick, square, and not too exciting other than some nice grain patterns, but I wanted to create something different.
I had some left over materials from a sun table I had made a few years ago. Since I hate to throw away perfectly good lumber I often save the smallest of pieces because you never know when you might use them. I was able to make these pieces almost entirely out of scraps from other projects; most of those projects were from reclaimed lumber. The Main wood is Brazilian Cherry (previously hardwood flooring) the sun is Maple (leftover scrap from the cabinet shop I worked at in high school) and the ray's are Purple Heart and Yellow Heart (yes those are the natural colors of the woods).