Monday, February 28, 2011

Dr. Seuss Redwood Coffee Table

This table started with some 100(ish) year old siding from a cabin in the Santa Cruz mountains. I milled the siding down into usable pieces to make a surf board last spring, and in the process I had a bunch of left over strips. I hate throwing away usable scrap so I saved the strips hoping to use them in another project.
           Later in summer after seeing a friends surf board with a cool "jail bird" striped pattern I became obsessed with the design... so I decided I needed a new fin for my Log (a Log is a heavy long board made for nose riding) during the process it became apparent to me that there was a great potential for this design, and the beginning of the coffee table design was born.
          Now that I had the basic idea for the top together, I needed figure out what kind of legs was I going to use?? Since the striped patter made such a bold statement I wanted legs to match, I knew that the curved legs I had used in the past would be perfect, but had to build the stripe pattern into their design. In order to have the stripes going the right way on the legs it was going to make them really weak. After much pondering I came up with the idea to put a piece of all-thread through the middle of the legs to strengthen them up.
Once I was able to put the legs together the rest of the table came together pretty smoothly.
Finally it was time to put the finish on the table, which is probably my favorite and least favorite part. I love seeing the piece come alive as the first coat goes on, all the colors and different grain patters really jump out. I really hate all waiting for the varnish to dry and sanding between coats, but the fished product is worth the effort! Once the table was all dry and ready to go I had my friend (thanks Michelle) come over and get some good picture. The results are below...
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